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What may be mentioned about this redirect virus virus is a doubtful hijacker that exists to make traffic. The browser intruder can take over your Internet browser and do unnecessary changes to it. Although intolerable modifications and doubtful reroutes frustrate a lot of users, redirect viruses aren’t hazardous computer risks. These browser intruders do not directly endanger your machine however they do rise the feasibility of running into harmful malware. Redirect viruses don’t filter the portals they will direct you to, therefore malware could be installed if users were to enter a corrupted portal. This page is doubtful and might redirect you to questionable sites, thus users should remove virus.

weknow ac how to remove virus   Apple Community

Why is virus termination important?

The reason virus has invaded your operating system is because you have set up free software and didn’t pay mind to attached offers. It’s usually hijackers or adware that are attached to it. They do not endanger your machine, however they may be frustrating. Users might expect that choosing Default mode when installing freeware is the best solution, when in fact that is simply not the case. Default settings will not tell users about any added offers and they will install automatically. If users wish to evade having to remove virus and akin, users need to opt for Advanced or Custom setup mode. You must only carry on with the installation after you unmark the boxes of all added items.

weknow mac virus how to remove virus   Apple Community

Your browser will be hijacked by redirect viruses, as the name says. It’s useless trying to switch browsers. One will unexpectedly notice that virus was set as your homepage and new tabs. These of alterations were performed without your consent, and the only way to fix the settings would be to first abolish virus and then manually fix the settings. The provided search engine will inject adverts into the results. Browser hijackers exist to redirect, thus don’t have expectations that it will display you authentic results. There is a small chance that sites could direct you to dangerous malware, and thus they must be avoided. As all the browser intruder presents you with can be discovered somewhere else, we fully believe that users must uninstall virus.

weknow ac virus how to remove virus   Apple Community

How to remove virus

It will be somewhat hard to remove virus, if you are not familiar of its location. Employ a good removal tool to erase this issue if you run into complications. Your browser problems in connection to this risk will probably be fixed after full virus deletion.

Download Removal Toolto remove virus

Some Information from Forums How to remove virus:

#1 Posted October 26, 2018

I think this was installed by a fake Adobe FLASH installer.

I removed most of it myself, but I could not get rid of this problem with Chrome: If I started Chrome and then killed all the open tabs, what was left was a chrome widow that had a search box in the middle of the Chrome window. Above the search box it said SEARCH in google colors, below the search box was a button that said SMART SEARCH. If you clicked on the button, it brought you to a website. which looked like this picture: (or see attached pic )
Also on that SEARCH page it kept showing ads for things like MacKeep, etc

I tried many procedures from many different websites to no avail. I tried resetting Chrome, re-installing Chrome, set Chrome’s home page and search providers, remove files from various locations, etc, etc. Many websites recommended to use COMBO CLEANER for MAC or FRESHMAC remover tools but I was not able to find trust worthy reviews on those pay-for-removal tools. I did install and run Malwarebytes for MAC, it did find and remove some things, but it did not fix this issue.

The only way I was able to un-install or remove the remove SMART SEARCH and malware virus from Chrome on Macbook Mac iOS was to do this from:

“” changes a group of Chrome policies so as to set a new default homepage, new tab behavior, etc. You can see your current Chrome policies by typing chrome://policy/ into your URL bar. If you’re infected, it should be very obvious as the half-dozen or so policies changed by weknow will be displayed.

Use the command line to delete / modify the affected policies. You do this by opening up “Terminal” and copy and paste each of the following entries below. I did each one at a time. I copy and pasted the first line and then hit enter and then went to the next until I had finished all 6 below:

defaults write HomepageIsNewTabPage -bool false
defaults write NewTabPageLocation -string “”
defaults write HomepageLocation -string “”
defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderSearchURL
defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderNewTabURL
defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderName

Quit Chrome and restart it and voila the virus will be gone. I tried everything and 3 phone calls with Apple and this was the only thing that worked.

#2 Posted December 2, 2018

I’m glad you were able to solve your problem, but I’m really puzzled as to why “nuking Chrome” didn’t accomplish the same thing. One of the steps was to delete


which should have removed all those settings, allowing Chrome to establish default values when it was re-installed.

Perhaps someone with a sample of the malware that caused all this could help explain why that would not have worked for you.

#3 Posted January 7, 2019

I had this problem as well last night. I have a cold and mistakenly installed a fake Adobe Flash Player (something I normally would never have done…) on my MacBook Air. I am attaching some screenshots here that are not in the above posts, so that if someone else is trying to fix their computer, they will know they are on the right track.

If I had stopped to check the Custom Installation options of this fake Adobe Flash Player, I would have noticed something was wrong. It was installing things called MyShopcoupon, WeKnow, and Mac Cleanup Pro

Since I didn’t check the Custom Install options, though, my first clue was only when the installer opened a Terminal script window while the installation was in progress. Then when I opened up Chrome and Safari, they were both taken over by new home pages and weird search engines. In Chrome, it was as shown in the original post – where Google is normally written on the google homepage, instead the word “search” appeared with the letters in Google colors, and with a button for “Smart Search” below it.

I first installed Malware Bytes. It found some bad files that it quarantined that were part of the MyShopcoupon mess, and then required a restart. After restarting though, Safari and Chrome were both still hijacked. I then searched a bunch and eventually found this thread. Thanks a bunch to you guys here for the good advice!

I entered the six lines into Terminal as suggested by the original poster (tacoma). It didn’t fix the problem with the hijacked browsers, but I still think they were good measures to take. I then followed the link in Alvarnell’s post above, which led to a post in this forum by Treed entitled “How to remove WeKnow malware (and others)”. This was extremely helpful. Be sure to also follow the link in this post to remove fake profiles that are installed, as well. Here are what the fake profiles looked liked on my laptop, when I opened System Preferences and then Profiles (Normally the Profiles icon is not even listed in System Preferences on my laptop. This Malware had just created two new profiles – one each that modified Safari and Chrome, which you can see if you scroll down to the “DETAILS” section). Then I selected each of them and clicked on the minus sign to remove each one.

weknow virus mac how to remove virus   Apple Community

I then followed the rest of the instructions in Treed’s post for cleaning up Safari and Chrome. I mostly use Chrome, so I first exported my bookmarks before deleting Chrome, so they wouldn’t get erased. I restarted my laptop, imported the bookmarks and everything looks good so far! I am appreciative of this forum and all of its great advice. I waded through a lot of junk and ineffective advice to remove this malware before finding this post. A lot of the bad advice included instructions to install other programs to remove the malware. Some google searching revealed that these programs are themselves malware. Fortunately I knew enough to not install programs like that, or I would next be searching forums to figure out how to remove the new malware!

I still worry a little whether there are lingering files or spyware, even though everything looks back to normal (probably an irrational fear). I would be curious to hear from others that have followed the same steps, about whether their computer has remained totally clean after employing the fixes above.Download Removal Toolto remove virus

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